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Aviation Careers


Given her own experiences in two different male-dominated fields, DJ Alpha Whiskey strives to empower kids  and adults around the world to unrelentingly pursue their dreams and passions. DJ Alpha Whiskey volunteers her time mentoring aspiring young leaders. 

The aviation industry encompasses all aspects of air travel and most activities that help facilitate it. This includes the entire airline industry, aircraft manufacturing, research companies, military aviation, and so much more. Aviation is an amazing career to be apart of as it helps connect different continents, countries and cultures!

The Sky Is The Limit!

The Aviation industry is full of limitless opportunities. While the necessary training can widely vary, across the board aviation specialists are skilled communicators, critical thinkers, and strong leaders. Click on and Explore the opportunities below to begin your journey!

Apply HBCU Aviation Programs

Explore Careers In Aviation


• Pilot
• Air Traffic Controller
• Aircraft Mechanic
• Airport Manager
• Transportation Security
• Airfield Operations
• Aeronautical Engineer
• Drone Operators

Alpha Whiskey Aviation Careers

From dreams to reality....Catch us on the news!

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